Quote Farooq Kathwari is chairman, CEO and president of Ethan Allen Interiors Inc., a leading home furnishings manufacturer and retailer. In addition to overseeing this international corporation, he also lends his considerable leadership skills to humanitarian efforts, including working for human rights and developing international conflict resolutions. click here to read more...

Interviews & Published Articles

Jan 2015: The National Q&A
Dec 2014: Native Society Q&A
Dec 2014: WAG Magazine
Oct-Dec 2014: LEADERS Magazine
May 2014: Trend Design - Jordan
May 2014: Style Trends - Belgium
Sept. 2011: World Policy Journal Fall 2011 Issue
Mr. Kathwari's article, "China Buys American", was published in the Fall 2011 issue of World Policy Journal. It speaks to his 30 years of experience doing business in China, Click here to download.

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Nov. 2014: Mr. Kathwari on CNBC - Black Friday
On Black Friday, Mr. Kathwari sat down with CNBC and shared how shifts in technology have impacted the business of American's Classic Design Brand.
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Nov. 2014: Mr. Kathwari appears on Bloomberg TV's Market Makers
Mr. Kathwari recently appeared on Bloomberg's "Market Makers" where he weighed in on several topics, including: the state of the economy and consumer confidence; the importance of offering consumers a combination of personalized service and technology in an age of instant gratification, and ways in which the company continues to use technology to meet the ever-growing consumer demand to buy direct.
Sept. 2014: Mr. Kathwari is a Keynote Speaker at TIECON Florida 2014
Mr. Kathwari recently appeared at TIECON Florida 2014, where he was one of four keynote speakers—all accomplished business leaders—who were invited to inspire Florida entrepreneurs at the day-long event, held at the Tampa Convention Center on September 27th. Mr. Kathwari—one of America's longest-serving CEOs—gave the closing keynote speech and told his inspirational story, titled "The Journey of Entrepreneurship" to a packed hall, then took questions from members of the audience: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jF5UramGaP8
Sept. 2014: Mr. Kathwari on CNBC's Power Lunch
Mr. Kathwari joined CNBC's Tyler Mathisen during this edition of "Power Lunch" to weigh in on how the world views U.S. businesses. To see his take on the "Corporate Perception Indicator", click here:
May 2014: Bloomberg Panel Discussion - The New Paradigm of Asian Influence
One of three panelists, Mr. Kathwari participated in this discussion moderated by Bloomberg TV's Scarlet Fu to discuss how Asian leaders are establishing a more influential voice across industries. He , along with others, shared his personal experiences and challenges in breaking social norms.
May 2014: Mr. Kathwari on MSNBC
Mr. Kathwari was featured on MSNBC's Your Business as part of their Learning from the Pros series. The series asks CEO's of successful companies to share their secrets for success that can help and inspire small business owners and other entrepreneurs. Among other topics, Mr. Kathwari talked about the importance of getting your team on board and why you can't be afraid of change.
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April 2014: International Rescue Committee Afghanistan Report Launch Panel Discussion
As an Overseer on the Afghanistan Task Force of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), Mr. Kathwari contributed insight that helped shape a new IRC report entitled, What’s Next for Afghanistan? Beyond 2014: Afghan Voices and Vision. The panel discussion, which took place at the IRC International Headquarters in New York City and included notable humanitarians, dignitaries, and members of the media, highlighted key issues outlined in the report. Click here to read the report.
February 2014: Farooq Kathwari on Fox Business
Mr. Kathwari recently appeared on Countdown to the Closing Bell with Liz Claman, where he discussed the housing market and the current state of business. Click here to read the report.
January 2014: Farooq Kathwari on CNBC's Mad Money with Jim Cramer
Mr. Kathwari had the opportunity to sit down with Jim Cramer on the set of CNBC's Mad Money and discuss recent earnings, consumer confidence and how Ethan Allen is staying relevant in the marketplace - including the company's new On Demand initiative and creating promotions that spark urgency. Click here to see the interview.
December 2013: Farooq Kathwari on CNBC's Fast Money
Mr. Kathwari appeared on CNBC's Fast Money where he talked with CNBC's Melissa Lee about holiday retail plans, the strength of the housing market, consumer confidence and Ethan Allen's initiatives for 2014. Click here to see the interview.
November 2013: Farooq Kathwari on CNBC's Squawk on the Street on Black Friday
On Black Friday, Mr. Kathwari sat down with CNBC's Simon Hobbs and Kayla Tausche at the New York Stock Exchange to discuss Ethan Allen's initiatives - including "Black Friday Goes Red" - and the growing loss of credibility of retail pricing during the holiday season. To see the interview, click here.
November 2013: Farooq Kathwari on CNBC's Squawk Box
Mr. Kathwari appeared on CNBC's Squawk Box where he talked about consumer confidence, The New Eclecticism at Ethan Allen, and the company's migration from a leader in furniture to a leader in home fashion.Click here to watch the interview.
October 2013: Farooq Kathwari appears on Bloomberg TV's Market Makers
Mr. Kathwari spoke with Erik Schatzker and Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television's Market Makers today where he shared his "View From Main Street" and discussed consumer confidence and the U.S. economy.Click here to watch the interview.
September 2013: Farooq Kathwari on Bloomberg Market Makers
Mr. Kathwari sat down with Erik Schatzker and Stephanie Ruhle from Bloomberg TV's Market Makers to discuss factors impacting consumer confidence, the reinvention of the Ethan Allen brand with the launch of The New Eclecticism and the company's commitment to North American manufacturing. Click here to watch the interview.
July 2013: Farooq Kathwari on Bloomberg's "Street Smart"
Mr. Kathwari joined Bloomberg TV anchors Adam Johnson and Julie Hyman on "Street Smart" where he discussed topics including Ethan Allen's Q4 and FY 2013 earnings, the housing market, Ethan Allen's new direction and immigration reform. Click here to watch the interview.
May 2013: Symposium on ASIA-USA Partnership Opportunities (SAUPO)
On April 19, Mr. Kathwari was the keynote speaker at the 2013 Symposium on Asia-USA Partnership Opportunities, the largest Asian Business Conference in the Southern USA. Kennesaw State University organized the symposium as a platform for business leaders, scholars, diplomats, policymakers, and community leaders to share exchanges and views.
More more information on this event, Click here to watch the video.
January 2013: Mr. Kathwari on CNBC's Closing Bell
Mr. Kathwari sat down with Bill Griffeth and Michelle Caruso-Cabrera on CNBC's Closing Bell to discuss short-term versus long-term thinking in today's business environment. He talked about how Ethan Allen is staying relevant as well as the company's commitment to U.S. manufacturing and investing in people. Click here to watch the video.