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Below are ten basic leadership principles authored by Mr. Kathwari which define his commitment to excellence. He believes these principles to be the core foundation of success in business and community endeavors.

Leadership : Provide leadership by example.

Accessibility : Be accessible, supportive, and recognize the contributions of others.

Customer Focus : Understand that a manager’s first responsibility is to the customer. Communicate this philosophy to all employees and encourage them to make customer service their first priority.

Excellence and Innovation : Have a passion for excellence and innovation.

Self-confidence : Have the self-confidence to empower others to do their best.

Change : Understand that change means opportunity and do not be afraid of it.

Speed : Maintain a competitive advantage by reacting to new opportunities with speed.

Hard Work : Establish a standard of hard work and practice it consistently.

Prioritize: Establish priorities by clearly differentiating between the big issues and the small ones.

Justice : Always make decisions fairly. Justice builds confidence and trust, which in turn encourages motivation and teamwork.

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